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Evental PKMN-Armonia App by Dreamaniacal Evental PKMN-Armonia App by Dreamaniacal
Hopefully I can get in during the next round of openings for :iconpkmn-armonia: but for now... we wait.
:bulletgreen: Name: Brace Roller

:bulletgreen: Age: 14

:bulletgreen: Gender: Female

:bulletgreen: Pokémon: Larvitar

:bulletgreen: Birthday: December 1st

:bulletgreen: Nature: Rash

:bulletgreen: Ability: Guts

:bulletgreen: Hometown: Blackthorn City

:bulletgreen: History: Every Larvitar goes through the rite of passage immediately following their hatching: they must burrow up from their nest, eating the earth around them for sustenance, for several hundred feet before they can see the face of their parent.

Brace's parents weren't there.

Not knowing what to do, but far too stubborn to just sit there, she began crawling and eating her way down Mount Silver, until she tried to munch on a sleeping graveler.

That Graveler, Rick Roller, not knowing where her parents were, adopted Brace into its own family. He had no way of knowing that Brace would grow up to be quite the problem child; at some point she decided she had been abandoned because she hadn't been strong enough, and took to training constantly and fighting other Pokémon at the drop of a hat. As she was the only girl in her adopted family, she had plenty of brothers willing to square off with her, but her adopted father soon grew tired of the complaints of neighbors whose children came home with bruises inflicted by his wayward daughter.

It was at this point that Brace had a fateful encounter: while out rock-climbing one day, she encountered a Machoke and, without really thinking about it, attempted to attack him. The Machoke soundly trounced her. When she finally woke up, she realized that the Machoke was still there... and had prepared dinner for the two of them.

This was the beginning of Brace's life-changing friendship. The Machoke, who went by the name Samson, told Brace that while pursuing strength was a reasonable goal, one that was both more interesting and more noble was to pursue strength to protect and help one's friends and family. While Brace initially scoffed at this, she still wished to learn from this new friend. She made a promise with him; she'd agree to fight only to protect others, if Samson trained her and taught her how to fight as good as he did.

The experience ended up completely changing her life. The first sign of this was when she encountered a gang of Machop harassing one of her 'friends,' a Sneasel that she had formerly gotten into fights with. After thrashing them, and being asked why, she responded, "Because someone said its more fun to fight for your friends than with them. I think he might be right." From that moment on, Brace went from a feared bully to the defender of those she had previously bullied.

However, something within her still felt unsatisfied, even though her training with Samson had been going very well. She took to running off into the wilderness, training herself by smashing boulders and trees and moving tons of soil until she would collapse from exhaustion, only to be carried home by Samson or Rick.

Knowing that anger still simmers within his adopted daughter, the graveler who raised Brace has sent an application to Armonia Academy in the hopes that she'll learn one thing or another about strength there.

:bulletgreen: Summary characteristic: Quick-tempered. (Very quick-tempered.)

:bulletgreen: Hobbies:
-Mixed martial-arts
-Folding origami

:bulletgreen: Moveset:
-Iron Defense

:bulletgreen: Extras-
- Took up geology when she found out that rocks were more than just food.
- Favorite food is sweet and spicy beef jerky.
- Favorite song is Earthquake by Hit the Lights
- Is a huge fan of wrestling as a sport as opposed to a way to bash someone's head in.
- Her necklace was made from a geode she found while out trying to cool off from a fight.
- Tends to be especially protective of girls she thinks are in danger.
- Actually doesn't really mind being called short, because its an advantage for her in wrestling.
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